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  1. Sandra
    Sandra at |

    Wow thank you!

  2. Krisann Johnson
    Krisann Johnson at |

    Greetings…and thank you for preparing the “free” things to do in Atlanta. It certainly helps for “families-on-a-budget.”

  3. Angela
    Angela at |

    Will you publish a list for the summer 2012? When can I expect to see it?

    1. Heather Clark
      Heather Clark at |

      Thanks for your interest. The new list was posted today. http://blog.actogetherministries.org/2012-free-summer-activities-for-kids-in-atlanta/

  4. Leigha
    Leigha at |

    Any ideas for 2012??


    1. Heather Clark
      Heather Clark at |

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